A New Type of Healthy Exercise for Alaskans – Fishing

Upon reading the title of this blog post you might be thinking – Fishing? Huh?

Just stay with me though…

For Alaskans getting outside during the summer months means you might be able to see some awesome wildlife such as bears, moose, bald eagles, whales, caribou, or even a wolf. 

There’s so much to do and see in Alaska, yet many are tied to their job in a cubicle or stuck inside with random things to do. 

One thing that is catching on though, (no pun intended) is fishing! Yes, fishing is already popular in Alaska but it’s growing at an even greater rate as of late due to popular Youtubers sharing their fishing videos on the web. 

A great place to hire a local fishing guide is in Juneau, AK where you can find many successful fishing charters that will take you out, provide everything, and make sure you get on the fish that day. 

Our top pick is BestDamnCharters out of Juneau AK. They will pick you up from your cruise or hotel free of charge and get you on rockfish, halibut, and salmon 6 months out of the year. 

So if you’re needing to get outdoors, get some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, consider hiring a fishing guide in Juneau, AK like BestDamnCharters so you can have a great time and make plenty of memories. 

Welcome to Kindred Health

kh parkview

Kindred Healthcare‘s mission is to encourage healing, give hope, provide integrity and trust to everyone we work with directly or indirectly. We are here to serve.

We understand it can be somewhat difficult to find the right health care providers in the Anchorage, Alaska area so we have made it our mission to seek out only the best practitioners to assist. Whether you need to find a chiropractor, dentist, massage therapist, dermatologist, or a heart specialist we can help! We have been serving the Anchorage area for 20+ years and people rely on our reviews and seek our advice daily. If you think your business should be promoted here, you can always visit our Contact Page and ask to be reviewed. 

Why Sunshine is Good For You

For years, we have been told to use sunscreen and cover up in the summer, and that too much sun exposure is bad for our health. While this is true, what a lot of people don’t realize is that in moderation sunshine is good for us.

Have you ever felt sad, down or depressed during the winter months? If so, there’s a chance that you were suffering from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially in Alaska with our long dark winters. The lack of sunlight during the winter can actually impair your mood, disrupting your sleep pattern, and impairing your cognitive function too.

In addition, your body needs sunlight to make vitamin D. You can take in some vitamin D through your diet, but if you get 15-20 minutes of sunlight during the day, that will help your body to make enough of this essential vitamin of its own accord.

Waking up to the morning sun, and then going to sleep when it gets dark is a normal sleep pattern for our bodies. We struggle so much to sleep these days because we often find that we need to wake up when it’s still dark, then we spend time in rooms with artificial lighting, looking at computer screens that give off glows which confuse our internal body clocks, so our brains don’t know when to secrete the hormones that are associated with wakefulness or with sleep.

That’s why taking some time away from the computer screen is so beneficial, and why spending a bit of time going for a walk in the sun will cheer us up and make us feel better.

Getting some sunshine, for a few minutes each day, can help to reduce the appearance of acne, give you healthy looking skin (a full tan is not necessarily a sign of ‘health’, and deliberate tanning can be harmful, but some exposure to the sun is beneficial), and also provide the vitamin D producing-benefits previously mentioned. Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium, which means that indirectly, getting some sunshine each day will help to improve the health of your teeth and bones. This is beneficial for anyone, but particularly so if you are concerned about the possibility of developing osteoporosis in later life.

So, take a moment during your lunch break to go outside and walk around the parking lot. Open your windows at home, sit out in the garden sometimes, and enjoy nature’s best, free mood boost. If you need to check out the daylight hours in Alaska, you can also use this handy little calculator. 

The Benefits Of An Annual Health Physical

health checkupAn annual physical examination is one of the best ways to get peace of mind about your health. It is a means of reviewing your current medical health and is often beneficial in finding out whether or not you are developing any new ailments. Below are some of the other major benefits of a yearly checkup, as well as some of the things you should do before going for one.

During your yearly physical examination your doctor will check your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. When you check these yearly it is easy to monitor any change in the numbers, since a change in weight, cholesterol or blood pressure can have a negative impact on your overall health.

Your annual checkup is a great time to review you diet and exercise plan with your doctor. It is also a good time to develop a diet and exercise plan if you do not already have one. During your yearly checkup you can get your vaccinations done. Adults do not need to be vaccinated as regularly as children but you still need to keep your vaccinations current, so go ahead and have any outdated vaccines done during your health checkup, especially if you have young children who are susceptible to contagious diseases.

Your yearly checkup is also the best time to get your flu shot. You might want to consider scheduling your checkup to coincide with the flu season so that you can get a flu shot the same time that you get a full physical.

Try to visit the same doctor for your yearly checkup if possible. This approach keeps all of your health information in the same place at all times. It also means that you will have a doctor who is familiar with your health issues in case you develop a serious illness.

Before you go for your physical you should put together a list of all your current health concerns and make a list of all the medications you are currently taking. If you are going to see a new doctor it is good to have a copy of your previous health records available so that your doctor can get a clearer picture of your health throughout the years.

With all the benefits that can be gained from getting a regular checkup it is always a good idea to make one a routine part of your yearly activities. Along with your regular checkup, getting a full body analysis from the Healing Therapeutics Health and Wellness Clinic in Anchorage, AK is a necessity, at least for me. I have been getting these body analysis for several years now and they work wonders. At the clinic, Dr. Mark Stewart thoroughly examines what makes your body, – your body. He can determine what foods, exercise, and/or supplements will work best for your body. We are all different at the end of the day and finding out what’s best for your body is essential. 

The Brown Family Is In Crisis As Ami Struggles With A Health Condition

The Brown Family Is In Crisis As Ami Struggles With A Health Condition

#AlaskanBushPeople | Fridays at 9/8c
The Browns find themselves in new territory, as they are moved to California for the sake of Ami’s health. Though frightened, the family continues with what they do best: sticking together in the face of the unknown.
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Trump administration reportedly threatens Alaska over senator’s health care vote

Trump administration reportedly threatens Alaska over senator’s health care vote

Trump administration reportedly threatens Alaska over senator’s health care vote. WASHINGTON — Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, confirmed Thursday that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke contacted her after her vote against a health care bill earlier this week. The conversation reportedly involved threats of administrative retribution against her home state.

A Murkowski spokesperson told Yahoo News that the moderate Alaska lawmaker received a call from Zinke on Wednesday, and he “told her that the president wasn’t pleased with the vote that she took.”

Trump also expressed those feelings publicly Wednesday, when he tweeted that Murkowski “really let the Republicans, and our country, down yesterday” when she voted against moving to begin debate in the Senate on a series of health care bills.

Trump Threatens The State Of Alaska After Senator Votes “NO” On Healthcare Repeal

Trump Threatens The State Of Alaska After Senator Votes “NO” On Healthcare Repeal

Donald Trump is furious that a Republican senator from Alaska – Lisa Murkowski – will not vote for a bill that hasn’t been properly vetted and that would strip 22 million people of their health insurance, so he had the Interior Department make contact with Murkowski and fellow Alaskan Republican Senator Dan Sullivan to threaten the state’s funding and resources. This is stunningly disgusting behavior from the White House, but sadly it is what we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
Link – https://www.adn.com/politics/2017/07/26/trump-administration-signals-that-murkowskis-health-care-vote-could-have-energy-repercussions-for-alaska/?outputType=amp-type
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Heartbeat Alaska: Health and Wellness

Heartbeat Alaska: Health and Wellness

This video shows an Alaska Native perspective on health and wellness, including how and where elders gather plants for use in traditional medicines and how they are used; the impact that youth camps have on the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse; how living a traditional lifestyle leads to overall wellness; and diabetes prevention campaigns. The villages of Nikolai, Tununak, Sitka, Unalakleet, Kotzebue, and Nuchek are highlighted with dog musher Joe Garnie making an appearance.

HILDDA LUOHTI, music composition, is used with permission.

Senate Health Care Bill Would Hurt Alaska Families

Senate Health Care Bill Would Hurt Alaska Families

The new healthcare bill in Congress would charge people 50 and over 5 times more for healthcare than everyone else. It would also charge people with pre-existing conditions, like cancer, diabetes and even asthma thousands of dollars more for coverage. AARP is calling on every Senator to vote no on the healthcare bill.

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Alaskan cancer survivor asks Senators to vote ‘no’ on proposed health care plan

Alaskan cancer survivor asks Senators to vote ‘no’ on proposed health care plan

This Fourth of July, Alaska’s senators are home while congress is on recess, but their work on a proposed healthcare plan is far from over. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell initially wanted a vote on their attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act before the holiday recess, but it became clear that wouldn’t happen. The delay gives Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan more time to look over the proposed bill and get answers, something both of them say they need before they make a decision on how they’ll vote.

Southeast Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment

Southeast Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment

2012 NPHIC Bronze Medal Award for Excellence in Public Health Communication

Public health nursing is contributing every day to the improvement of the health of Alaskans and their families. Nurses work with communities to solve public health concerns and to create community solutions that will improve the health of all Alaskans in the years to come. There are many challenges in public health in Alaska — and you can help public health nursing to be ready for them!

Learn more about State of Alaska’s Section of Public Health Nursing at hss.state.ak.us/dph/nursing/.

If you are seeking State of Alaska public health nursing careers, please visit workplace.alaska.gov.