Health Matters: Insurance Coverage for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Health care matters to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Members of federally recognized tribes can enroll anytime for insurance, Medicaid, and CHIP. Marketplace coverage can be free or low-cost and protects people from being overwhelmed by costly hospital stays and out-of-pocket costs. A Native comic, actor, track and field star, bull rider, jingle dress dancer, storyteller, and singer-songwriter describe why health coverage is important to them when it comes to family, injury, women’s health, diabetes care, and prescription coverage.
The video features:
• Tlingit/Cherokee storyteller Gene Tagaban
• Colville/Salish-Kootenai/Cherokee actor Kim Guerrero
• Northern Cheyenne/Blackfeet champion bull rider Dakota Louis
• Nez Perce musician Julia Keefe
• Menominee/Seminole stand-up comic Mitch Factor
• Cherokee runner Jamie Loy
• Umatilla champion jingle dress dancer Acosia Red Elk

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