Worker Health and Safety in Alaska 1990 Alaska Health Project

This clip, from the 1992 film, High Stakes of a Paycheck, by Molly McCoy, provides an overview of worker health and safety in Alaska in 1990. Larry Weiss and Mark Catlin, former staff of the AlaskaCOSH, the Alaska Health Project, discuss injury data, the limited inspection capacity of the OSHA program and the common mistaken belief that most occupational injuries and illness are caused by worker error rather than unsafe conditions permitted by employers. At the end of the clip is a look at the workers compensation system. The Alaska Health Project (AHP) was a private non-profit organization founded in 1980 to address issues of hazardous materials in the workplace and in the community. The AHP mission was to provide information, training, research, and related services to Alaskan organizations and individuals. For more information on the issue of blaming the worker (the victim) for occupational injuries and illness, go to Hazard s magazine at . For more on the Alaska Health Project visit